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Stationary ULC and UL Fuel Tanks
Fuel-Vault® Horizontal Tanks
The easiest and most environmentally safe way to store flammable or combustible liquids.

AGI Westeel’s ULC S601 Fuel-Vault Dual Wall Integral Contained Above Ground Storage Tanks are available in many different sizes, and with numerous options and multi compartment configurations.  They can also be customized to the specific needs of the customer.  Tanks are available in a wide range of sizes starting at 1500 liters and stretching all the way to 120,000 liters.

The Fuel-Vault is the most common and customizable design available in the Westeel tank catalogue.  Among the options:

  • Single or multi-compartment tanks for storage different fuels in the same tank in virtually any volume
  • Multiple stair, ladder and catwalk configurations – including inter-tank catwalks for larger tank farms
  • 300 degree secondary wraps with easy access inspection port and secondary emergency vent
  • A variety of skid options to suit your application
  • Canstrut system for easy mounting of accessories and piping
  • High flow remote top fill and spill preventers for quick, safe and easy filling at ground level
  • Reliable high output submersible turbine pumps or affordable 12 and 110 volt top mounted centrifugal pumps
  • Discharge piping for external or tank mounted dispensing systems
  • Long lasting, durable, industrial grade external coatings with custom colours available
  • Custom fittings and vents with engineered lifting lugs and ULC required components
Fuel-Vault®, Vacu-Vault® and Fireguard® Static Head Horizontal Tanks
The solution for sub-grade fuel storage.

AGI Westeel’s UCL S601 Static Head Dual Wall Above Ground Storage tanks are available in the same range of sizes and tradition flat headed tanks. Built to withstand the additional head pressures of filling a tank from height, the Fuel-Vault Static Head tank has been engineered with dished ends to withstand unusual head pressures caused by filling from as many as 7 stories above the tank with a 3.5 safety factor. Our static head tanks are available in Fuel-Vault®, Vacu-Vault® and Fireguard® configurations.

  • Fuel-Vault® – 300° tight wrap with atmospheric interstitial zone most commonly seen on the market.  The interstitial space can be monitored externally or through the built-in inspection port.
  • Vacu-Vault® – 300° wrap, with vacuum in the interstitial zone.  Vacu-Vaults come with a visible vacuum gauge for quick monitoring of the interstitial space.  Optional external monitors are also available.
  • Fireguard® – 360° wrap with a special thermally insulated interstitial fill.  Fireguards are a foolproof solution to applications requiring fire protection.
Vacu-Vault® Vacuum Monitored Tanks
The peace-of-mind solution.

AGI Westeel’s ULC S601 Vacu-Vault® Dual Wall Above Ground Storage tanks have a vacuum drawn between the primary and secondary tank to confirm tank integrity. Easy to use and install, this unique design provides cost-effective protection against costly and environmentally damaging leaks or ruptures. Best of all, it’s manufactured by Westeel to meet or exceed all national environmental and hazardous liquids regulations and provide years of worry free service.

Vacu-Vault® sizes range from 1,300 liters to 120,000 liters and come with a wide variety of common options and accessories. Each tank is factory tested for days to ensure a stable vacuum prior to shipment. Options for monitoring the interstitial space include the supplied gauge as well as numerous third party external vacuum monitors. The Vacu-Vault® is a premium tank relative to the Fuel-Vault, but it offers unsurpassed peace-of-mind when it comes to the integrity of your tank and the fragility of the environment.

Fireguard® Fire-Rated Tanks
A fire-rated solution for urban areas and high density applications.

AGI Westeel’s licensed ULC S655 and UL 2048 Fireguard® tanks are dual-wall fire-protected above ground storage tanks that are typically used where setback limitations or regulatory requirements restrict the use of a traditional dual wall tanks. Fireguard® tanks feature inner and outer steel tanks with a unique lightweight thermal insulation material that exceeds the ULC/UL 2-hour fire test in a 2,000F rapid rise furnace while maintaining 75% less weight than traditional concrete. Insulating material is 75% lighter than concrete, reducing shipping, installation and relocation costs. Additional features include ballistics protection — where ammunition fired from a .30 caliber rifle will not penetrate the primary tank at a distance of 30.5 meters — and impact protection — where the tank has a tested ability to prevent leakage of the primary tank when hit by a 5455 kg weight moving at 16 km/h, 450 mm above grade.

Fireguard® tanks are the only tanks that meet all of these standards: ULC S655 and UL 2048 listed “protected” tanks; ballistics and impact protection; both inner and outer steel tanks are built to ULC/UL standards; NFPA 30 and 30A; international fire code; Canadian fire code; California Air Resources Board standing loss control testing requirements for air emissions; STI Standard F941 for Thermally Insulated Above Ground Storage Tanks.

Fireguard® tanks are not simply a concrete encased tank. With a Fireguard® the external tank wall both ensures dual containment and protects the insulation from the elements, eliminating cracking and flaking commonly found in concrete encased tanks.

Flameshield® UL 142 Horizontal Tanks
A cost-effective tank for use in the United States

As a Canadian manufacturer, AGI Westeel offers significant currency value to our American neighbors. To meet US tank standards we license, through our STI membership, UL 142 listed Flameshield® technology. Flameshield® aboveground storage tanks are manufactured with a tight-wrap double-wall design. Standard features include 2-hour fire-tested performance (as validated to Southwest Research Institute Standard SwRI 97-04), built-in secondary containment and interstitial monitoring capability. Flameshield® tanks are available in both protected and vacuum monitored configurations and include most, if not all, of the options available on our Fuel-Vault® tank line.

Vertical Storage Tanks
Dual and Single Wall Vertical Tanks

AGI Westeel offers vertical dual and single wall tanks with capacities ranging from 2500 L to 235,000L. Each tank is custom designed to the specific requirements of the location.  Options include dual wall design (in limited capacities), traditional single wall designs and the AGI Westeel proprietary vacuum monitored, secondary wear floor.  In the dual floor design the secondary floor is vacuum monitored.  This ensures that the inner floor maintains its integrity and protects against costly environmental spills.

If you are installing a series of vertical tanks, please be sure to inquire about our C-Ring secondary containment systems.

Single Wall Cradle Tanks
A ULC S601 Single Wall Option

AGI Westeel’s Single Wall Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) has been an excellent alternative to overhead tanks for many years coast-to-coast. It is ULC S601 listed and engineered to provide user friendly storage options for flammable and combustible liquids for a long list of applications. Easy to use and install, its single wall storage system complete with low welded cradles and additional pump fitting makes fluid transfer options simple.  From big to small, a single wall tank is an affordable option for those requiring UL or ULC listings but are planning on utilizing secondary containment systems as part of the installation.

If you are installing single wall horizontal tanks, please be sure to inquire about our C-Ring secondary containment systems.

Oval Fuel Oil and Power Generation Day Tanks
Engineered for environmentally safe handling.

Engineered to provide environmentally safe handling for heating/generator fuels or lubricant oil storage, AGI Westeel’s line of ULC S652 listed above ground storage tanks come in affordable single wall design, as well as a 110% secondary containment dual wall design and our new double bottom design.  Secondary contained tanks are available in either vacuum monitored or contained designs, with options for external monitoring.

AGI Westeel oval models range from 280 to 1,150 liters and can be heavily customized with additional fittings and accessories to suit almost any application.

Recycoil® Used Oil Tanks
An affordable option for used oil storage.

AGI Westeel Recycoil ULC S652 listed used oil storage tanks are the easiest and safest way to store used oil and hazardous liquid waste. Trust them for worry-free protection against costly and environmentally damaging leaks or ruptures. ULC certified and national fire code compliant. Recycoil tanks are specifically engineered to meet or exceed all national environmental and hazardous waste regulations as well as provide years of worry-free service.

Recycoil tanks are available in a wide range of sizes from 1,100 to 100,000 litres and can be fabricated in a range of rectangular and cylindrical configurations.  Stock used oil tanks up to 4,500 liters offer a quick, off-the-shelf solution to many smaller used oil storage applications while larger tanks can be customized and configured to the application.

ULC S601 and UL 142 Rectangular Tanks
A versatile and space-friendly alternative to cylindrical tanks.

AGI Westeel rectangular tanks come in a wide range of sizes and configurations.  From dual wall tanks to single wall versions, and from low profile to tall with a small footprint, Westeel rectangular tanks can be used for a wide variety of applications and can be listed to ULC S601 and ULC S602, along with UL 142.

Recent rectangular tank projects include a series of interconnected but isolated tanks for lube oil storage (pictured here), generator sub base tanks, vertical tanks for tight spots, pipeline tanks and larger fuel storage tanks for modular pumping stations.

Cross-Vault™ ULC/UN Hybrid Stationary/Transport Tanks
A combination Transport Canada/UN and ULC S602-14 certified tank.
These rectangular tanks truly mark the crossroads of a stationary tank and a slip tank. The Cross-Vault™ can be legally used in both transportable and stationary applications, and can be moved from one site to another while still full. When you use a Cross-Vault™ there is no need to empty or purge a tank before prior to moving.
AGI Westeel’s Cross-Vault™ is a line of rectangular cube tanks featuring galvanized stacking corners along with primary and secondary galvanized hatch lids. Each tank is composed of three separate, fully welded and sealed components:
  1. Outer protection tank complete with a side, front and back forklift pockets, the outer protection tank offers secondary containment in the unlikely event of a primary breach. The outer protection tank also takes on double duty with a floor to lid storage section where the user can install pumps, filters, hose reels and dispensing nozzles. Each outer protection tank includes multiple hose and cord conduit ports to increase security on farms, construction sites, at mining operations, in military applications and at oil & gas facilities. It also allows for use in direct fueling applications including power generation and continuous use water pumps.
  2. Main outer lid completely removable, the main outer lid gives complete access to internal components and the internal tank. This access is critical for maintenance and cleaning, especially in tank rental applications. The main outer lid has two access ports: the primary hatch allowing for access to all of the control components along with pumps, hose and meters; and the secondary hatch which allows for additional venting options and is critical for certain regulatory compliance such as TSSA.
  3. Primary tank factory welded on all 6 sides, the primary tank has separate lifting lugs for easy maintenance removal along with internal baffles. The primary tank is factory tested per the requirements of ULC and Transport Canada and includes internal access at the front complete with the control components and a secondary hatch for additional fittings
Mobile Petroleum Tanks
Road-Vault® Slip Tanks
Leading edge innovation in mobile petroleum transportation.
AGI Westeel’s Road-Vault® product line provides leading edge innovation in mobile petroleum transport. Easy to use and install, they ensure your mobile refueling application meets safe transport practices.
Single Wall Flat Top Road-Vault® Tanks
• Recently redesigned single wall Road-Vault line from Westeel with three profiles: small, medium and large • Medium and large models have embossed ends for added strength • 285L, 290L, 450L and 545L models have a low-profile design that can sit in the back of a pickup truck without obstructing the view out of the rear window • 285L model also fits between the wheel wells and back window on a short box pickup, allowing the user to accommodate both the fuel tank and most fifth wheel hitches • Circular pump mounts on all models eliminate coating issues • J-bolt tie down on all models allows for ease of installation and removal • Optional lifting lugs can be used to move the tank with fuel inside • Three standard fittings on all models, with optional extra fittings available • Integral baffle system on 830L, 680L, 545L, 450L, and 285L models increases structural rigidity and decreases fuel sloshing
Single Wall L-Shaped Road-Vault® Tanks
• Designed to fit most truck cargo boxes and cross bed tool storage containers • Consists of a heavy gauge tank shell and strong ends to prevent deflection under load • Lifting lugs, end handles and tie downs supplied for easy installation and safe secure tank placement
Extra Large Single Wall Flat Top Road-Vault® Tanks
• Consists of a heavy gauge tank shell and strong ends to prevent deflection under load • Internal baffles for ultimate tank stability and strength
Road-Vault Protected Slip Tanks®
A dual wall, protected version of an industry standard.

Robust design engineered to provide environmentally safe mobile transportation of flammable or combustible liquids in a Transport Canada approved container. Easy to install, this portable dual wall storage system delivers the standard features your mobile refueling application deserves, complete with an ownership on safe transport practices along with additional protection against impact. Best of all it is manufactured by Westeel to provide
years of worry free service.

• Embossed heads on 450L to 830L models add stiffening properties • Circular pump mounts eliminate coating issues • J-bolt tie down allows for ease of installation and removal (Ratchet strap tie down option is also available) • Three standard fittings on the 450 L • Four standard fittings on 680L, 830L • 450L low profile design can sit in the back of a pickup truck without obstructing the view out of the rear window • Integral baffle system increases structural rigidity and decreases fuel sloshing

Non-code Slip Tanks
The most economical solution for diesel transport.

AGI Westeel’s Road-Vault® has legend status across the prairies for its innovative designs and rugged build. Non-code slip tanks share the same dimensions and footprints as the Road-Vault, with fewer options and a generally lighter build. Suitable in most jurisdictions for the transportation of diesel fuel in capacities less than 450 litres, the non-code tank fills the voice for those looking for a no-frills tank for shorter and mostly gentler trips.

Road-Vault® Mobile Service Tanks
An economical option for high-volume, coded mobile petroleum transport.

AGI Westeel’s Road-Vault® Single and Dual Wall mobile services tanks are engineered to provide safe mobile transportation of flammable or combustible liquids compliant to Transport Canada (TC) regulations. Easy to use and install, they ensure your mobile refueling application meets safe transport practices.  These tanks are available in four base sizes: 2,100 and 4,300 liters in dual wall (protected) configurations and 2,250 and 4,500 liters in single wall configurations.

Optional trailer packages and tanks suitable for aviation fuels are also available.


• Agricultural • Construction • Aviation • Industry • Oil and gas • Forestry • Mining • Marine • Recreational, as well as rental applications

Custom Fabricated Tank Options
Stainless Steel Tanks

Need a stainless steel tank or stainless steel lined tank?  All AGI Westeel tanks are available completely fabricated in stainless steel or with a stainless steel internal tank when procuring a dual wall version.  These tanks look like a conventional Westeel tank and are painted or powder-coated to a white or custom color external finish.  Inside, however, they offer all of the extreme corrosion protection offered by stainless steel.  Whether you are looking for a tank for aviation fuel or DEF storage, or you need a tank for a non-petroleum application such as chemical storage, please contact our sales team to have a discussion.

Aviation Tanks

When it comes to the integrity of aviation fuel, having a contaminant-free tank is critical.  There are two options to preserve fuel quality.  The best option is a stainless lined tank.  Starting with a fully welded and tested SS internal tank, all fittings are stainless and there is no carbon steel in contact with the fuel at any time.  The secondary is then wrapped to 300º with carbon steel.  The entire tank is then prepared and coated with either powder-coat or liquid paint finish.  The other option is an epoxy lined carbon steel tank.  This option is generally less expensive and less fool-proof than the stainless tank.  Both are very common on the market.  Talk to our sales team about your aviation fuel options today.

Heating, Insulation and Cladding

Why stop at a bare tank when your requirements also include heating, insulation and even cladding?  AGI Westeel offers a variety of finishing options.  Heating options include heat trace and immersion heaters of various styles.  Insulation options include insulation panels or spray-on urethane.  And cladding can be completed in-house to your specification.

Catwalks, Ladders and Stairs

Safely accessing your tank or group of tanks is a critical safety component.  Tank service is important and being able to get to the top of a tank safely in all seasons is a necessity.  AGI Westeel’s team of designers and engineers can put together a wide range of catwalk options that get you safely and easily into the service zone.

Turnkey Tank Packages - Ghost Stations

Unattended retail or cardlock gas stations, often referred to as ghost stations, offer businesses the ability to sell retail or wholesale fuel in remote areas without on-site staffing requirements. These turnkey packages can be found dotted across Canada, from remote northern highways to work camps, and in small prairie towns to active forestry areas. The value proposition for the owner is quite simple:

Allow for 24 hour operation with no labour costs • Ability to relocate a station, including decommission, transportation and recommission in days not months • More control over fleet operations • Reliable fuel availability in even the most remote regions • Multi-compartment tanks allow for multiple types of fuel in a single tank • Remote asset management • Be more competitive – and profitable – in a highly competitive industry

AGI Westeel is one of Canada’s ghost station pioneers. In fact, Westeel was awarded the Steel Tank Institute Shop Fabricated Atmospheric product of the year in 2011 for a series of 10, ULC S601 certified triple compartment integral contained fuel storage tanks. And the production of these tanks didn’t end there. Westeel has produced ghost stations for retail fuel suppliers, tank rental companies, private business and wholesale tank suppliers across Canada over the last decade.

The ghost station design, in many ways, is simply an extension of the hundreds of thousands of ULC certified tanks that have been built by Westeel over the past 60 years. The process is quite simple. Through the drawing and estimating process, the Westeel representative and client determine the tank design along with any features that they need for the specific application including:

1, 2 or 3 compartment tank suitable for storing up to 3 different types of fuel • 1 or more single or dual skid mounted dispensers • LED lights • Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Debit transactions • Wifi, wired internet line, cellular or satellite transaction connections with user training module • Heated, stand-alone card reader shack or fully integrated tank end entry, both with glass door entry • Catwalks with ladders (including security cover) or fold-up, restricted entry stairs • Optional bollards and full tank protection piping • Camera systems including optional: Third party remote monitoring, Continuous camera monitoring and DVR storage including optional motion detection time stamping, Remote recording and real time video feed, Additional options are available.

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